Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Part Sixteen, The War Begins; Race to the Front Line

“So are we going to train today?” Kusaru asked as he woke me up.

“What is your problem? Maybe it’s because I was dead once or something, but I don’t remember being this energetic.” I replied in a raspy voice.

“Come on!” He shouted as Ace walked into the room.

“Is there a problem?” he asked.

“Samemaru won’t get up.” Kusaru complained.

“Wow, I’m surprised you got him awake this early.” Ace chuckled.

“Fine!” I said as I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes.

There was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it.” Ace said as he walked to the door, and opened.

“Zenshikou Ace, Inuzuka Kusaru, Inuzuka Samemaru you are requested for a meeting at the Mizukage’s tower.” Kumo said as he looked over the paper.

“You two are still working for Haku?” Ace said as he looked over Kumo’s shoulder and saw Shiro standing behind him.

“Yeah.” Shiro said as he kicked the ground.

“So what does he want this time?” Ace asked.

“I don’t know, he said it’s urgent.” Kumo replied.

“Alright we’ll be there.” Ace responded.

“Great, training this early is bad enough, now we need to go meet with Haku, great.” I said as Ace told us of the meeting.

“When is it?” Kusaru asked.

“Soon,” Ace said. “We should get going.”

“I don’t feel like it.” I said in protest.

“Fine, stay here while Kusaru and I go on a crazy, adventure filled mission.” Ace said.

“Sounds good to me.” I replied.

 “Oh, and the tax man should come by today, so you mind paying when we are gone?” Ace asked.

“I can’t believe you tricked me into coming with you!” I shouted as Ace told Haku how he got me to go to the meeting.

“Don’t worry, it’s probably just a check up on our missions.” Kusaru said as I sank into my chair.

“That’s what I’m worried about.” I said as I sank deeper into my chair.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Sadge said as she walked through the door, “Wow Samemaru! I’m later that I thought.”

“They dragged me here, if it were up to me I’d be at home sleeping or something.” I replied.

“Alright, when Rikka told me what happened at Auberdine, I looked over my documents and found a connection between the scourge in Azeroth and the Dark Army that is slowly forming around Oni-Gakure, and my sources tell me that Tekigou Tsugotsu is the leader of the Dark Army, you  guys, along with Kumo, Shiro, Rikka, and Kanpan, will meet Kaji and Sabaku’s teams near the border of The Land of Shadows and will proceed with Foxx from there.” Haku said as he looked at the four of us.

“What about Searyb?” I asked.

“He’s on a separate mission if he can he’ll join you on the front line.” Haku replied.

“Who is Kanpan?” Sadge asked as she looked over the mission folder.

“He was rescued from the Cloud Village last time we attacked, but don’t worry, he’s on our side, he’s been working with Kumo and Shiro and they’ve been keeping me updated on his behavior.” Haku said. “Now go, we don’t have much time left.”

So the eight of us started out towards the border to the Land of Shadows.

Kumo, Shiro and Kanpan went ahead to make sure the way was clear of any traps, pretty soon we saw the Land of Shadows.

“We are going there?” Rikka asked as she clutched her bow.

“Yup, looks like it.” Said Ace.

“So you’ve finally made it, you’re the Kiri-Gakure ninjas I presume?” A voice said from the shadows.

“Yeah, who are you?”  Kusaru asked.

A similar voice answered: “We work for Foxx, I am Jade and this is my brother Jace.”

A wolf walked from the shadows and then turned into a girl about twenty, followed by another wolf who also turned into a twenty looking guy.

Ace leaned over and said: “ That’s weird.”

I nodded.

“We need to meet Foxx soon, we better start going.” Jade said as she and her brother started walking along the border.

“Ok, we’ll split into two teams, red team will be me, Ace, Samemaru and Kusaru.” Sadge said as we started walking after the two wolves. “Blue Team will be Rikka, Kumo, Shino, and Kanpan. Leave your COM on even if it’s at minimum volume, we need to stay in contact, Blue Team go ahead make sure these guy are for real, Red Team will stay with them until further notice.”

“Got it.” Rikka said as she started running around the group followed by Shiro Kumo and Kanpan.

“Blue Team, this is Red One, I want a COM link test, respond.” Sadge said over the little mic. Connected to her ear piece.

Blue One to Red One, the COM is fine, we’ll keep you up dated.” Rikka said over the COM.

We kept walking for a little bit then static washed over the COM system.

Blue One to Red One, we have reached Foxx’s position, Sabaku’s and Kaji’s groups are already here, we are waiting.” Rikka said over the COM.

“Got it.” Sadge replied. “Jade, my friends have reached Foxx and everyone is waiting, I suggest we step it up a bit.”

“When did she get so pro?” I asked Ace.

“I have no idea.” He responded.

“Oh, I got an idea, Ace why don’t you teleport me and Kusaru to the rendezvous.” I said just loud enough for Kusaru to hear, he turned around.

“It’s Kusaru and I, not me and Kusaru.” He said.

“Whatever.” I said. “So how about it Ace?”

“Alright. Here it goes.”  He said, I grabbed onto Kusaru’s jacket and the three of us vanished.

Red One to Blue One, is the rest of my team there?” Sadge asked over the COM a few minutes after we teleported to the rendezvous.

“Yeah, they are.” Rikka responded.

Ok we are almost there.” Sadge replied.

“So, how’s it going?” Sabaku asked.

“Not too good, I’m tired, I mean we take on Denkouiki’s demon form, plus Denkouiki in his new human form on many occasions, Anti-Various, The Covenant, and now a Dark Army, in what maybe three months. Sometimes I think I’m just going to snap under the pressure.” I replied.

“You got waken up early?”

“Yeah pretty much.”

“There they are.” Jayme said as Jace and Jade appeared on the hill about 200 feet away.

“What took you so long?” Ace asked Sadge as she walked up to him, then she punched him in the arm.

“Ow, that hurt.” He said, as he rubbed his arm.

“Where are we headed?” Kusaru asked.

Foxx looked at him strange, “You look a little young to be here.” She said.

“Hey, I bet I can beat you!” he shouted.

“Hey, I remember my temper.” I said as Kusaru clenched his fists, I walked over to him and pulled him away from Foxx so that he didn’t get hurt.

“Keep that squirt under close watch, we don’t want to tell his parents he got lost on the way to the battle.” Foxx said as she started to walk past the border.

Kusaru then kicked me in the shin and started to run after Foxx.

“You’re going to die!” he shouted as he pulled out a kunai and jumped in the air.

Foxx waved her hand and vines grew from the ground and caught Kusaru mid-jump, and squeezed his arm ‘till he dropped the kunai and then threw him to the floor.

“…and you, Naruto, never really cared. You just wanted to prove to Sakura what a great Shinobi you are, now look what you’ve done. You’ve caused the end of the world, and it’s all your fault Naruto!” a voice shouted from the shadows.

“Who are you?” Naruto asked.

“You don’t know? Think,” the voice said as a feint blue light appeared and an ear piercing sound started to emit from the blue light. “you spent most your life trying to save me, but in the end you killed me!” The light got closer, Naruto could make out a body, the light was in the persons hand. “Now die Naruto!” the person got close enough to make out a face even with the pitch black shadows surrounding them. “Chidori!”

Naruto felt a great pain in his chest.

He groaned: “S…Sauske.” Then there was nothing but darkness.

Naruto woke up sweating, looked around and saw a mirror start to form at the foot of his bed.

After the mirror finished forming, Haku stepped out followed by Gaara.

“When we sent them out there I didn’t know what they would be facing, now I know, even with Foxx’s squad they are going to need backup.” Haku said.

“Sauske.” Naruto said.

Gaara nodded.

As we drew closer to the front line, there was an over whelming stench.

“We are almost there.” Jace said as he sniffed the air.

“How can you tell?” Ace asked.

“We are fighting and army of the dead, that is the rotten stench filling the air each time we step closer the scent gets stronger, and as far as I can tell we are not far away.”

“That’s great.” Ace said as he looked over at me, and I was holding my nose and trying not to breathe., then he looked at Kusaru who was doing the same.

“Oh yeah, he’s related to Kiba.” Ace said as he realized that unless the stench went away neither Kusaru or I would be good in battle.

“Searyb are you close to finishing?” Haku asked over a private COM channel.

I am close to finishing, the spark reactor, it’s to advanced in the big machine, but I got the little ones going.” Searyb replied.

“Ok, how many of the smaller ones are ready?” Haku asked.

“About one hundred.” Searyb replied.

“Alright, I’m coming to get them.” Haku said as he opened an Ice Mirror to Searyb’s lab.

“You gather everyone, and meet me at the border.” Haku said right before he stepped through the mirror.

“Let’s go.” Naruto said.

Gaara nodded.

“I’m sensing a spike in energy levels over this ridge.”  Foxx said as she stopped.

“Holy crap.” Kumo said as he saw the massive army of undead shinobi, enemy shinobi, and Covenant stragglers.

“There’s got to be thousands of them.” Shiro said as he over looked the evil army.

“What are those?” Kanpan asked as three Covenant drop ships flew in and landed in an opening, the side hatches opened and a bunch of creatures stepped out.

“Those are Covenant Drop Ships, but the things coming out of them aren’t Covenant.”

“They are demons, all above a B class.” Jayme said.

“I’m assuming that’s strong.” Sadge said.

“The ranks are similar to the ranks you Ninja take on, D is lowest, C is most common, B is pretty strong, A is about the same level as Anti-Various, and S is the same as Denkouiki, most of them there are S class.” Foxx explained.

“That is definitely bad.” I coughed through my shirt.

“Where is everyone ?” Naruto asked as only a handful of the ninja he requested showed up for the battle.

“They are all on missions, Lord Hokage.” Sakura said.

“We’ve taken armies before, why can’t we just go?” Kiba asked.

“I think we are all that’s needed.” Hinata said as Gaara, Kankuro and Temari walked up behind Naruto.

“We took on the wave shinobi, why can’t we take on these guys?” Kiba said.

“Your right, it’ll probably fine.” Naruto said. “Let’s go then.”

The fifteen shinobi started out towards the boarder.

“Keep working, I need that thing finished when I come back.” Haku said as he left Searyb’s lab with a bag full of communicators similar to the ones worn by the UNSC.

Naruto saw Haku waiting at the border with a small duffel bag in his hand.

“When we get to the border it’ll only be half an hour ‘till we reach the mountain, Shikamaru, we need a lay out of the battle field.” Naruto said as they rapidly approached Haku.

“Well the mountain was split in half years ago, in-between the two peaks it is ten miles, from the northern base to the southern base it is thirty miles, mostly forest, but in the middle of the two forests is a ten by ten open wasteland, and in the middle of the wasteland is a smaller mountain, now I believe the enemy would be in that wasteland.” Shikamaru explained.

“Sounds great!” Haku said as they finally reached the border. “Now let’s go.”

“Tekigou!” Kaji shouted as he tightened his hands into tight fists.

Tekigou, who was standing atop the mountain in the middle of the wasteland, turned around.

I looked down into the army, they looked like ants from the elevation we were at, then one of them suddenly started to get bigger, one of the zombie ninjas jumped onto the side of the mountain and propelled himself towards us.

He flew right past my face.

“Kedamono Sentou!” I shouted as I turned and kicked him in the head, it spun around and he crashed onto the floor.

“That was close.” Ace said.

“Yeah.” I said, then something heavy hit me in the back, I fell to the floor and was being crushed by the weight of the zombie who had thrown himself on the mountain. “Help!”

Rikka pulled out her bow and shot him in the head two times, he stopped moving.

I pushed the body off of me, “What the hell, didn’t I just kick his head around in a circle?” I asked.

“You sure did, looks like we have more to deal with than we thought.” Ace said as Kaji jumped off the cliff .

“What the hell?” I shouted as he plummeted down towards the massive army beneath us.

“Come on!” Sabaku shouted as he made a slide out of the side of the mountain and everyone slid down the mountain.

“Hinata check the left peak, Neji check the right one.” Naruto commanded as they closed in on the mountain.

“They would have been smart to start with an aerial attack.” Lee said as he caught up with Shikamaru.

“No, they would have been smart to wait for back up with these odds.”

“The left peak is empty.” Hinata said over the COM.

“Same with the right one.” Neji said shortly after.

“They must’ve already started fighting.”  Kiba said.

Kaji hit the ground and sent a massive body of flame into the army of zombies.

“Tekigou, I’m coming for you!” he shouted.

“What’s his problem?” Sabaku asked.

“I have no clue.” I said as I knocked another zombie off his feet.

“We need to force them back.” Foxx shouted as the zombies poured in on our position.

“Got it!” Ace said as he disappeared and a group of zombies flew into the air.

Sadge was throwing in zombies into the air with her vines and tree minions.

“There are still too many of them!” Kumo said as he shot a fire arrow and it went through five zombies.

“Gatsuuga!” Kiba shouted as two tornadoes plowed through the zombies.

“Eight trigram; Two palm, four palm, eight palm, sixteen palm, thirty two palm, sixty four palm!” Neji shouted as he killed sixty four zombies.

“Mind body disturbance technique!” Ino shouted as one of the zombies turned on the others and started killing his allies.

Haku jumped behind me and handed me an ear piece communicator.

Then went and gave the rest of our team them.

“Talk over the COM only, I’m loading a map of the area onto your view screens.” Shikamaru said as Choji inflated and ran over ten zombies.

Temari kept a group of zombies pinned down as Kankuro sent Karasu in there with a poison smoke bomb and his poisoned blades.

Sand swallowed a group of zombies.

“We need to find a way to conserve chakra.” Sakura said as she chopped a zombie in half and punched another’s brains out in one hit.

Naruto sent out a squad of shadow clones to combat the zombies and Lee kicked  zombies head off while Ten Ten stabbed one with her staff.

“Shino help!” Hinata shouted as a wave of zombies charged towards her.

Shino sent his bugs flying and they took care of most the charging zombies.

“There are still too many of them.” Kusaru said over the COM.

Kaji finally calmed down and started killing smart.

Then the ground started to shake and four demons popped out of the ground and started to attack.

Plasma started to rain from the sky and Jirobo came out of the crowd wielding a giant hammer.

He smashed the ground right in front of Choji.

“We need to move back!”  Rikka shouted as she sent three flaming arrows into the crowd of zombies.

“Those stupid ninjas really think they stand a chance,” Tekigou said as he watched the ongoing battle.

“They are foolish father, especially Kaji.” Masurao replied.

“Denkouiki, tell your demons to hold off, why should we lose lives when we can just lose the undead who can be brought back easily.” Tekigou ordered.

Denkouiki hated being told what to do, especially from a human.

He loosened his fist and said: “Yes sir.”

“I’ll take care of it sir.” Kimimaro said.

“The demons left, that’s usually not good.” Foxx said as zombies filled the space that was previously taken by the demons.

“We need to fall back!” Kusaru said.

“No, keep fighting.” Naruto ordered.

“Damn it!” Sadge shouted. “I’m running low on chakra!”

“Here!” Ten Ten said as she threw a sword to Sadge. “Use that.”

“Right.” Sadge replied as she cut a zombie in half.

“Naruto, everyone is now under half their full chakra level.” Shikamaru said as he looked at the biometer on the small headset.

“Alert me when everyone is under one third.” Naruto replied.

“Kusaru and Sadge already are.” Shikamaru said.

“Right.” Naruto said. “Kusaru, Sadge fall back to second line.”

“Got it.” Kusaru said as the two of them moved back.

“Well done Kimimaro.” Denkouiki said as he walked over to his companion.

Kimimaro nodded.

“They are doing better than expected.” Tekigou said as he stood up.

“Should I tell them to hurry with Sauske?” Mijikai asked.

“No, no they can take their time, no matter how long they take those puny ninjas won’t make it here before he’s back.” Tekigou said.

“Ace, Electric Wave!” I shouted as I sent a tidal wave racing towards the enemy and Ace flew into the air and hit the wave with lightning killing another twenty zombies.

Foxx killed a few zombies by crushing them with a tree from the surrounding forest.

Bay hit twelve zombies with a tidal wave and Jayme encased four of them in shadows ripping them in half.

Jace and Jade turned into wolves and started shredding the zombies up with their razor sharp claws.

More plasma hailed us from the sky.

“ I’ll take care of it”  Bay said as she burnt out the plasma with rain.

“Cactus Blossom Jutsu!”  Sabaku shouted as senbon and water rained from the sky.

“Damn them!”  Tekigou shouted.

“I’ll take care of it.”  Masurao said.

“No, just resurrect the zombies.” Tekigou said.

“Yes father.” He said as he walked out of the room.

“We’ve almost got ‘em.”  Lee said as he took out more zombies.

“Not so fast.” Masurao said as he jumped onto a rock.

“You!” Kaji shouted as he saw his brother.

“All you fallen warriors, return from the grasps of hell!” He shouted, then all the dead zombies started to raise.

Kaji jumped at his brother.

“Rasengan!” he shouted as he missed by inches due to his brother’s sudden movement.

“Slow as usual brother.” Masurao said as he kicked Kaji in the stomach and sent him flying back to the canyon wall.

“Naruto we’ve got a problem.”  Haku said as twenty demons walked through the crowd of zombies.

“Those are all S class demons!” Foxx said.

“Now would be a good time to fall back!” Naruto shouted.

Tekigou who was watching the battle from afar laughed at the shinobi’s failed attempts to save their land and laughed. “You will all fail, then you will be part of my army!”

“We can’t take ‘em all!” Lee shouted.

“Alright, now I need a power source. Chakra? No it’ll take too big a toll on the users.”

Searyb said as he wrote down notes in his note book.

“Maybe, I can reduce the power needed by connecting this here, and then by taking out this wire it’ll need seventy five percent less power.” Searyb said as he messed with wires in the machine.

“I’ve got it!” he shouted as a small amount of his chakra drained and the transdimensional teleporter turned on and a map of the universe appeared.

“Now I need to help them.” He said as he ran towards the door.

“Haku, I’m on my way!” Searyb said over the COM.

“No, stay where you are it’s too late.” Haku replied.

“You mean you already won?” Searyb asked.

“I’m afraid not.” He said, then the COM went dead.

“I only have a little bit of chakra left.” I said as I cut down a zombie.

“We have to kill as many as we can!” Naruto said as he killed another zombie.

Two arrows fell from the top of the mountain, one exploded into a grey mist, the other one ignited the mist and caught at least fifty zombies on fire, then a rope fell from the mountain.

“Grab on!” Someone at the two said, Sadge and Kusaru went first because they were completely out of chakra, then three more ropes came down.

When we all go to the top of the mountain the guy threw four grenades down the mountain and killed more zombies.

“I’m Nerothos, a zombie hunter, follow me I’ll take you to a safe house.” He said as he lead the way down the mountain.

“If you ask me he could have been a little sooner.” Ace said as he limped down the path next to me.

“Yeah, but at least he came.” I replied.

“I have food and water at my base. I also have weapons and beds.” Nerothos said.
“Good, next time we’ll need an attack plan.” Naruto said as we walked off into the forest.

Part Fifteen, The Covenant Attacks; Chakra vs Plasma!

“Ten Covenant drop ships inbound.” Cortana said over the external speakers. “ETA 5 minutes.”
“Alright,” The Chief said. “We need to take them out fast.”
“How much is it going to take to take them out?” Ace asked.
One of the technicians stepped in and said: “A well place grenade will be sufficient.”
“A what?” Semajj asked.
The Chief pulled a small green ball off his belt. “This, they go boom.”
“I already like this guy.” Ace said.

“Lord Mizukage?” Jayme said, gesturing to leave.
Haku nodded and Jayme left the room.
“Alright, you two.” Haku said pointing at the technicians. “Stay here keep me up dated.”
“Yes Sir!” the technicians said as they snapped to attention.
“Samemaru,” Haku continued. “The Chief knows a lot about what’s going on, you and the others will be under his command until further notice, understand?”
“No, that was an order not a question.”
“Chief, do whatever it takes to stop these guys.”
“Right, we’ll need to move fast.”
“On your way then.” Haku said.
“I’ll go too.” Rikka said as she stood from her chair in the corner and grabbed her bow.
“If you must.” Haku said.

“Foxx, a new threat has appeared they call themselves the Covenant.” Jayme reported.
“Great, that’s just what we need.” Foxx replied. “Jace, Jade what have you got?”
“Kimimaro is farther along in his plans than we thought.” Jace started.
“He has already resurrected Sakon and Ukon and they are working on piecing together Jirobo.” Jade finished.
“And we lost Tekigou.” Bay said in a gloomy voice.
“I think we should let Kiri-Gakure worry about the Covenant, we have to find Tekigou.” Foxx said.
“Right.” Jace said.

Eagle Eye transported the Hell Jumpers to the LZ of the Covenant drop ships via Pelican.
This left us to go find where the battle cruiser landed.
We had four Warthogs, I drove, Sabaku manned the LAAG and Kaji rode shotgun.
Ace, Sadge, and Semajj were in another Kumo, Shiro and Searyb were the third, and The Chief and Rikka were in the fourth, in The Chief’s Warthog, we took out the LAAG so we could bring enough supplies so Rikka was in the passenger seat and had her bow ready to fire.

A black armored Elite sat at the controls of the covenant battle cruiser that had just made an emergency landing due to shrapnel stuck in the ships engines.
“Your Excellency,” a Grunt said as he ran up to the Elite. “Engineering says that the engine took too much damage and we can’t take off.”
“What is your name?” The Elite named Ouka’ Damame asked the little simian alien.
The Grunt looked at his superior officer. “I am Gazazra, Excellency.”
“Go tell the crew to load up all the Scarabs and drop ships with as much supplies as possible, then pack your own bags and meet me back here, we are going to find the Spartan who has killed millions of covenant soldiers.”
“We?” Gazazra asked.
“Yes,” ‘Damame replied. “you seem like a great fighter, we are going to take a fleet of Jackles with us to kill the Spartan.”
“But your Excellency, wouldn’t it be better if you sent a different team out after him, if you die there will be chaos, you are the commanding officer to everyone on the ship, you should send a team of Elites after him.”
“Good idea Gazazra, I’m putting you under the command of fifteen black ops Elites, lead them to victory against the human scourge.
“That’s not what I meant.” The Grunt argued.
“It’s an order, now go pack your bags and get ready!” the Elite barked.

The caravan of warthogs turned out of the canyon and was greeted with sixteen ghosts charging their position.
The lead Elite shouted the command to fire and bolts of plasma came racing towards the LRVs.
The gunners opened fire on the small hover crafts, three exploded at once.
Rikka hit one of the Elites square in the neck and his ghost came skidding to a halt.
I jumped out of the warthog and Kaji took my position at the wheel.
I ran over to the downed hover craft exposed of the body and opened fire on another ghost.
When the smoke cleared there were only two ghosts left intact, mine and another one that was abandoned by its driver who was trembling on the ground.

Gazazra who had jumped out of his ghost and curled up on the floor lay there trembling.
‘It’s all Ouka’ Damame’s fault.’ He thought as a human girl walked up to him.

“What is this?” Sadge asked as she turned the monkey like creature over.
“That is a covenant grunt, they aren’t too smart.” Cortana said.
Then the grunt got up drew his plasma rifle and fired.
The black clad Elite fell backwards as the plasma bolt went through him.
“He doesn’t’ seem to like the other covenant very much.” Chief said as he looked at the methane breathing monkey.
So we put handcuffs on him, put him in the passenger seat of Kaji’s warthog and we were on our way to the covenant battle cruiser.
“Chief, we took care of those Covenant flunkies with no problem, you are clear, we got your back.”
“Roger that, meet at our position ASAP.” Cortana responded to the transmission.
“Alright,” the chief said over the COM link. “Let’s move!”
I floored the ghost and pulled ahead of the four wheeled vehicles.
“Ace, get ready to pull that trigger.” I said as I came to the ridge where a giant bulbous
machine sat motionless.
Then as if they were teleported there five black clad Elites materialized in front of me.
One jumped on the front of the Ghost and kicked me out and spun around facing me and the oncoming LRV’s.
Another let out a battle cry and ran at me with a glowing sword, followed by the others.
The first swing caught my backpack strap and it fell to the floor. I threw three shuriken the where right on target but got stuck in the thick armor.
Rikka jumped from her Warthog and took out a scroll, place her palm on one of the three inscriptions and a dragon flew from the sky and took out three of the elites.
I jumped over the first attacking elite and got caught in the leg with the plasma sword.
I fell to the ground rolled to dodge another attack, then I attempted to stand, I was lucky I couldn’t the elite in the ghost opened fire and it went right past my shoulder as I fell from the failed attempt to stand. The sword wielding alien was cut in half and fell to the ground in a splash of blue blood.
Rikka touched another inscription on the scroll and a white tiger came from the ground and bit the head off the ghost’s pilot.
Then the four LRV’s pulled up.
“Good work, let’s keep moving.” The chief said.

“Samemaru,” Haku said over the COM link.
“Yes sir lord Mizukage?” I answered.
“The Hokage just informed me that two of the covenant ships have been taken down in his region and the Kazekage reported the same.”
“Scanners confirm this is the last Covenant ship in one piece.” Cortana said.
“Good, take it down fast.” Haku said as he snapped the channel off.
“Alright, let’s go.” Sabaku said as I hopped in the driver seat of the Ghost.
I race down the canyon followed by four Warthogs and a Dragon.

“Chief, we got the Redeemer back online.” One of the UNSC tech’s said.
“Alright, we’ll leave as soon and we banish the Covenant from this planet.” Cortana replied. Then the Chief floored the Warthog and we sped towards the Battle Cruiser.

“Foxx!” Jayme shouted as she ran into the room.
“What?” Foxx asked.
“Jirobo and Kidomaru are alive now they are in the process of resurrecting Tayuya.”
“This is bad, where are Jade and Jace?” Foxx asked.
“I don’t know.” Jayme responded.
“They are tracking my master.” Douji said as he walked through the door.
“What the hell?” Jayme shouted as Shuuha-Same grabbed her hands and tied them together.
“You’d better leave.” Foxx said.
“Or what?” Hajin asked.
“Bay, would you like to take care of them?” Foxx asked.
“Sure thing.” Bay said as she stepped forward did two hand signs and water reached from her palm grabbed Hajin and started to strangle him.
“Not so fast.” Shuuha-Same shouted as she broke the water with a wave of chakra.
“Interesting.” Bay said as she sent a spear of water towards Shuuha.
“No problem.” Shuuha said as she sent the spear back at Bay.
“Foxx, you mind taking the rest of ‘em?” Bay asked as she started another set of hand signs.
Foxx stepped forward, through a kunai, cut Jayme’s ropes and attacked Hajin and Douji with her vines.
Jayme stood up and encased Hade-Sakebi in shadows.
The fight was over in less than a minute and the four enemy ninja ran out of their base with blinding speed.

“Alright Kaji, Sabaku, The Chief and I will go in place the bombs and get out.” I said.
“Sounds easy, what do we do?” Ace asked.
“You just have to keep this door safe, I suggest you move inside the ship to keep a perimeter.” Cortana responded.
“Cool, let’s go.” Kaji said as he walked to the door, keyed the panel and the door slid open. Five black clad elites stood behind a legion of grunts and jackals, the first grunt opened fire, Kaji dodged it then the rest of the patrol squad opened fire.
“Sand Shield!” Sabaku shouted as the ground in front of Kaji rose and blocked the fire.
“There goes the element of surprise.” The Chief said as he fed a clip into his rifle.
A grunt on the other side of the sand wall over charged his weapon and fired, the giant green plasma bolt melted through the sand and a glassy hole was left where the plasma entered the sand.
The Chief ran to the hole, stuck his rifle in the hole and pulled the trigger, soon all the grunts where on the floor lying in blue blood.
The wall dropped, the jackals were there but the elites weren’t.
The air behind Sabaku shimmered, I threw three shuriken into the shimmering air, there was a cry of pain as one of the elites materialized out of thin air, and fell to the floor.
Fourteen elites charged out of nowhere and opened fire.
Plasma splashed across the sides of the Warthog.
The Chief raised his rifle and pulled the trigger, the first two elites went down from covering fire from the LAAG’s the other twelve went down with a combination of fire, bullets and an explosion from a grenade.
The jackals turned to run but I took them out so there were no more of the aliens.

“They know where we are, we need to move.” Foxx said as Bay and Jayme walked into the hallway where the fight was earlier.
“Agreed, we should get out as soon as we can.” Bay replied.
“What did we miss?” Jace said as he and Jade walked through the door.
“Well, we were attacked by the forces of evil themselves.” Jayme said.
“Really?” Jade asked in surprise.
“No, that only happens once every hundred years and we did that last week.” Jace answered.
“Oh yeah.” Jade said embarrassed. “So then what happened?”
“Denkouiki’s toadies attacked, we had no problem driving them away, but we need to get out of here before they come back with more.” Foxx said.
“Alright, let’s go.” Jace said.

“This is Sabaku to Samemaru, my bomb is planted, and I’m moving out side.”
“Alright, I’ll be there as soon as I’m set.” I replied over the COM link.
“Hey, Samemaru you’d better step it up, things are getting a little hot out here.” Ace said over the COM link.
“Got it.” I replied, and ran faster towards my destination.
“Kaji, how’s it going on your end?” I asked.
“Not too good, I got three elites on my tail and I can’t get rid of them.” Kaji shouted.
Sorry to cut in but, I got your back.” The Chief said as automatic fire rang over the COM.

‘Alright, should be just around this corner.’ I thought to myself.
‘Samemaru, there is something with a large amount of chakra coming this way.’ Sarudai shouted.
‘Got it.’ I replied.

“Cortana, I got trouble I need another route to the engine room.” I said over the COM.
“Alright,” Cortana replied. “take a left, there should be a service elevator at the end of the hall.”
“Got it, I’ll hurry.” I answered.
“Chief we need to hurry, there are Covenant drop ships on their way, ETA Three Minutes, and if they get here there is no way to get out of this ship.”
“Give me a clock.” The Chief said.
ETA: 00:04:45
“Let’s move.”
I got to the service elevator, and got in, then a timer appeared on the eye glass provided by the UNSC Techies.
ETA: 00:04:30
“Oh boy.” I said under my breath.
“Samemaru, this is Kaji, I’m outside the ship, you might want to hurry.”
“Nah, I have all the time in the world.” I replied.
I ran down the hall way, and found the engine room.
ETA: 00:04:05
There was a group of Jackals waiting for me but sadly not enough of them.
I kicked the first ones skull in, grabbed his arm, swung him around and took out the others.
ETA: 00:04:02
I planted the bomb and made my way back to the elevator.
The elevator shut down half way up the shaft.
ETA: 00:03:57
I jumped onto the wall and used my chakra to stay there and started climbing.
“This is The Master Chief, I planted the explosive and I’m on my way out, you need help Samemaru?”
“Nope, I got it.” I replied as I pried the elevator doors apart.
ETA: 00:03:42
I ran down the hall and took a right turn, that was a big mistake.
I kept running, but the exit was nowhere to be found.
Cortana’s words echoed in my mind: “…take a left and there should be a service elevator…”
“Damn it.” I shouted at I glance at my mission clock.
ETA: 00:00:57

“Where is he?” Sadge said as the numbers on the mission clock rapidly fell.
ETA: 00:00:32
“We should get out of here before this thing goes.” Cortana shouted over the MJORLIN external speakers.
The warthogs sped away from the battle ship.
ETA: 00:00:05
Sadge looked back at the covenant ship.
ETA: 00:00:02
She let out a sigh of grief.
ETA: 00:00:00
The fifteen covenant drop ships landed next to the battle cruiser.
All four mini-nukes went off; the ship blew up taking every covenant soul with it.
The debris started to fall, Sadge looked to the sky, out of the smoke flew a banshee.
Then there was static over the COM.

“Hey, nice timing, any sooner and I’d be like all those aliens down there.” I said over the COM as I hit the gas and the Banshee jerked forward.
“You could have told us you were still alive!” Sadge shouted over the COM.
“I thought me being alive would be good enough, plus with all those grunts in there if I hadn’t have turned off my link they would have heard me.”

When we got back to Kiri-Gakure Eagle-Eye and the UNSC hell-jumpers were waiting for us.
“So how’d it go?” one of the hell-jumpers asked.
“Never mind, let’s just get out of here.” The Chief said.
We escorted the marines back to their ship.
“Well it was nice meeting you Chief.” I said as we walked onto the bridge of the Redeemer.
“Hey what’s this?” Ace asked as he looked at a machine that looked similar to the ones in the cryo-bay.
“That is an interdimensional transporter,” The lead Tech. said. “If we could get it running, we’d be able to travel to different dimensions…. Hey don’t touch it!” He shouted as Ace toyed with some of the wires.
The machine jumped, and a portal opened in the middle of the tube.
“Cool.” Ace said.
“Sorry about that,” I said. “My friend is nosey.” I said as I walked over to Ace and pulled him away from the machine.
“Hey, watch it.” Ace said as he pulled away.
The force from his pull made me stumble forward, he grabbed my arm but it was too late, we both got pulled into the swirling vortex, then the machine broke down.

"The Juu-Hisan have lost five shinobi, our numbers have been cut in half by Shinobi from the Shiki-Sato, and this ninja will pay the price for one of our comrade's death." Shidousha said.
The four shinobi, standing in a row a few feet from the stage where Kusaru was chained up with his head on a chopping block, cheered.
"You sure he knows what he's doing?" Sadge asked.
"Positive." Semajj responded.
"Kira-Ona, will you do the pleasure of taking this guy's head?" Shidousha asked handing the Axe to the shinobi on the left of the line.
The Axe flew up into the air.
Sadge shut her eyes tight.
The axe hit the wood but not Kusaru.
"What?" Shidousha yelled.
"No one can kill the almighty Kusaru!" he said as him and seven of his clones jumped down from the ceiling.
"What kind of Jutsu is this?" one of the Juu-Hisan asked.
The eight Kusarus attacked.
Then Sabaku ran out from the smoke and attacked as well.
Kaji ran around the corner and cut Sadge’s and Semajj’s ropes.
“Where are we?” Ace asked.
“This is when I died.” I said as I watched the battle rage on.

“Can you fix it?” Sadge asked as the lead tech looked at the machine.
“Yes, but it’ll take a while.” He responded.
So they waited.
The battle went on for about a half an hour.
"Give up Shidousha." Kusaru said.
"You think I have lost?" Shidousha said. "The battle has just begun!"
"You are going to die today ninja!" Shidousha said as he teleported behind Kusaru.
“No!” Sadge shouted as she ran towards them but she was too late.
I ran from our cover and kicked Shidousha to the floor.
He looked up, “Two of you, a clone?”
Ace walked from our hiding spot.
“Not exactly.” He said.
Kusaru and the other Ace looked at us in amazement.
I walked over to Kusaru looked at him.
“Was I really this short?” I asked Ace, he nodded his head. “Wow, I grew a lot in two years, although I was dead for about half of one of them.
“W…who are you?” Kusaru asked.
“Future you, well I guess not, see your supposed to die here, but I just saved you, so you’ll never find out that your related to Kiba, or that Sabaku resurrected Haku to get training, on the other hand, Tsarr won’t die because Denkouiki won’t escape, but never mind that I’m just babbling.” I reached out. “Hi, I’m Samemaru.”
Kusaru shook my hand and Ace came up to me.
“We should get out of here.” He said as he kicked my shoe.

“Got it!” the tech. said as the machine roared to life.

The portal that brought us to the world we were in opened up and dragged me Ace and Kusaru through it.

The three of us fell though the portal. I got up and pulled Kusaru up from the floor.
Sadge looked like she’d seen a ghost.
“Y... your Kusaru aren’t you?” she asked him.
“Yeah why?” he replied.
“Sorry to interrupt your homecoming, but we’re late for ours.” One of the hell-jumpers said.
“Right.” Sadge said as she walked off the bridge of the ship followed by Sabaku, Kaji, Ace, Kusaru and I.

“Well, well, well, Kusaru huh?” Haku said. “We’ll have to get you registered and stuff but as soon as we do you’ll be accompanying Samemaru’s group.
“Alright.” Kusaru said.
After we got him registered as an official Kiri-Gakure Shinobi, we went to train.
“You have a lot more chakra than I do, since I lost Denkouiki.”
“We’ll I’ve still got energy left.” Kusaru said.
“Fine, go run around the village, one lap.” I said.
“Alright, then you’ll teach me how to turn to water?”
“Whatever.” I said as I collapsed onto the grass and he took off running.

“Haku, we need permission to gather an army, the sound five have been resurrected and they are making an alliance with Tekigou.” Foxx said as she talked in front of the Mizukage, Kazekage and the Hokage.
“We’ll build an army; you will supply us with updates every time Tekigou makes a move.” Naruto said.
“You don’t understand,” Foxx said. “This’ll be bigger than Denkouiki and Anti-Various put together.”
“I’m sending Shikamaru back to your base with you to take a look at what we’re up against; he’ll make a good decision.”

“Samemaru, wake up!” Kusaru shouted.
“Huh, wha?” I said as I rolled over to see Ace and Kusaru standing in front of me.
“Haku wants us.” Ace said.

“There is a possibility of war with the country of shadows; you need to be ready for an attack at all times.” Haku told us.
 “Whatever they throw at us we’ll give it back ten times greater.” I said to make sure my team didn’t worry.

‘This isn’t good.’ Sarudai said.
‘I know.’ I replied. ‘But whatever they throw at us we have to take, we can’t let this world fall apart.’

‘I agree.’ Sarudai replied.

Part Fourteen, New Objective; Rescue the Survivors!

“Ugh, look out duty again?” Kumo complained to Haku as he and Shiro looked over there missions folder.
“If you’re going to live in Kiri-Gakure you have to do your part in helping keep it safe.”
“He’s right, let’s go.” Shiro said closing the folder.
Kumo hung his head and admitted defeat.

“I hate it here, it’s always raining and we can hardly ever use our techniques.” Kumo said as he set up his radio on the table at look out post 15.
“Well we could still be in the fire village but that giant fox destroyed it and the survivors were spread all over the world, some of them even ended up in Azeroth!” Shiro exclaimed.
“I guess this is better than doing trash pickup with the dwarves.” Kumo said.
“What is that?” Shiro said as he held up his binoculars.
“That is defiantly reportable.” Kumo said as he watched the flaming ball of metal fall from the sky and collide into a near-by mountain range.

“I wouldn’t believe you, but since there have been called in reports from stations eleven through twenty-two I want you two to find Samemaru and Searyb and tell them to go check out the giant fire ball, then get back to your post.” Haku said as Kumo and Shiro stood breathlessly in front of him. “Well, are you waiting for a please?”
“No sir Lord Mizukage.” Kumo said as he ran out of the room followed by Shiro.

‘Ok, I did all of Ace’s chores.’ I thought to myself. ‘Now I can sleep.’
Then the door opened.
“Yo, Samemaru are you home?” Ace shouted as he walked into the dining room.
“I finished all the work, now I need sleep.” I said.
“Cool,” he said. “Have you seen Sadge around?”
“No why?” I asked.
“No reason, I just haven’t seen her around lately, and about your sleep that might need to hold off for a while, you got a message form the Mizukage.” He said as he threw me a scroll.
“No, not now. I just finished.” I sighed as I opened the scroll.
It read…

Samemaru Inuzuka,

You have been requested to go on an S ranked mission.
Requirements: ANBU, FUKA, Kage.
Rendezvous: Kiri-Gakure Gate #9
Details: N/A

“Why me?” I cried as I got up from the chair and put on my jacket.
“Well, I’ll see you later then.” Ace said as I walked towards the door.
“Yeah, whatever.”

When I got to the gate, Searyb and one of the Mizukage’s assistants were standing there.
“What?” I asked.
“You two have to go to the mountains to the west and check out a possible asteroid.” The Mizukage’s assistant said.
“Fine.” I said as I started to slowly walk out the gate.
Then another one of the Mizukage’s assistants ran up to us.
“There has been reports of a four man squad in those mountains, you’d better hurry up and get there.” She said.
“Damn it.” I said under my breath. “Searyb you go I’ll get back and meet you there.”
“Right.” He said as he ran off towards the columns of smoke pouring from the mountains.

“Ace, I need your help!” I shouted as I opened the door to his house.
“What?” he asked.
“Go find Kumo and Shiro, then go to the mountains where the smoke is coming from.” I said.
“Right, why?” he responded.
“Sadge might be in trouble.” I said.
“Isn’t she always?” he asked before he teleported out of the room.

“Is everyone alright?” Sadge shouted as fire rained down from the metal giant.
“Yeah, we’re all fine.” Semajj said.
“Good, now get your selves together we need to find a way out of here.” She yelled.
The three shinobi under her command all nodded.

“Took you long enough.” Searyb said as I ran up to him.
“Back up should be here soon.” I said.
“Good, now this looks like a door. Think you can cool it off?” he asked.
“Sure thing.” I said as I did a set of hand signs. “Water Bullet!” I shouted as water shot from my palm and the door disappeared into a heap of steam.
We looked inside.
“Holy Crap.” Searyb said as he peered inside the metal corridor.
“W… what is this thing?” I asked as I turned over one of the hundreds dead camouflaged people.
“Hear that?” Searyb asked.
I listened hard; I was rewarded with a heavy …thump….thump….thump.
“Footsteps.” I said.
“Yeah, that means someone is still alive.” He replied.
“That’s not always a good thing.” I said.

“Kumo, Shiro!” Ace shouted.
“Nya, who what?” Shiro said as he leaned back in the chair and slammed into the ground.
“Ha ha, loser.” Kumo said as he pointed and laughed.
“Knock it off.” Ace said. “Samemaru said we need to help him at the crash site.”
“We as in us too?” Kumo asked as Shiro turned over and stood up.
“Yes, we need to go now though.” Ace exclaimed.
“Right.” Shiro said as he grabbed his bag and ran off towards the plume clouds of smoke in the sky.

“What was that?” Searyb asked as a tall walking suit of armor walked by our hall way.
“I’m not sure, I’ll follow him you wait for Ace, Kumo and Shiro.” I ordered.
“Right, but who made you leader?” he asked.
“The fact that you won’t follow this guy on your own.” I replied.
“Ohh yeah.” He said as I ran off after the giant armor.

“Watch out for those falling rocks!” Sadge shouted as the left side of the mountain collapsed.
“Got ‘em.” Semajj said a cold wind of snow pushed the rocks back into position.
“Good job, let’s keep moving.” She said.

“Searyb, where is Samemaru?” Ace asked.
“This way.” Searyb said softly. “He’s following some guy, we need to be quiet.”
“Alright, which way?” Kumo asked.

A few times the armored man turned around but didn’t see me.
The second time he turned I noticed he was holding the same strange item that the rest of the people on the strange metal monster had; it had small writing on the side: MA5B Assault Rifle.
I followed him to a door that said Docking Bay 05.
“This is SPARTAN 117 come in, repeat SPARTAN 117 any UNSC forces respond.”
There was just static.
“Hey, I could help.” I said as I walked into the door way.
“Who are you?” he asked. Then a woman’s voice came from nowhere.
“Chief, there is a slight signal coming from outside, if we can get to the top of the mountain we could probably get a response.”
“Right.” The SPARTAN said raised his MA5B Assault Rifle there was a loud bang, a sharp pain in my shoulder then the SPARTAN ran over to me hit me in the neck and I fell to the floor.

“There if we don’t make it through there we’ll be stuck!” Sadge shouted.
“You heard her move!” Semajj shouted as he waved Sabaku and Kaji towards the opening.
“nuts, hurry!” Sabaku shouted as he saw the mountain behind them start to collapse.

Things were all blurry when Searyb and Ace appeared, I could barely make out their faces.
“Sit him up against the wall.” Ace said as Kumo and Shiro picked me up.
Searyb took off his back pack and pulled out a med. pack and taped up my arm.
“We need to get him to a med. specialist.” Ace said.
There was a loud bam the giant battle cruiser Redeemer sank deeper into the canyon,
The Master Chief felt a sense of vertigo as the ship lurched and came to a crashing halt.
“The signal is completely gone…” Cortana said as the minimal damage to the MJORLIN
shields was fixed. “Wait I’m picking up a signal….”
“From who?” The Chief asked.
“UNSC Flag ship Breaker here listen.” Cortana fed the sound file to the built in speakers of the MJORLIN battle armor’s helmet.
“This is Breaker we are under fire from a fleet of Covenant battle cruisers, requesting immediate back….”
“I don’t think anyone made it.” The AI said in a gloomy voice.
“Where are we?” The Chief asked as he looked around.
Cortana was about to respond when another message started to boom over the MJORLIN’s speakers.
“This is Echo 735, we managed to escape from Breaker before it was taken down, are there any UNSC forces in the area? Repeat do any UNSC forces respond.”
“Echo 735 come in this is Redeemer ship AI Cortana, we were shot down near your position, the Chief and I made it out, but that’s it. I’m sending a NAV marker to you, rendezvous there.” Cortana responded.
“Roger that Cortana, Echo 735 out.”
“Alright Chief, now we have back up on their way.”
“Good.” The Chief said solemnly.

“That was too close.” Semajj said as he fell to the floor out of breath.
“No kidding.” Sabaku said.
“Ok, we need to keep moving.” Sadge said.
“We just avoided being crushed under a meteor, we deserve a break.” Kaji argued.
“We’re not out yet.” Sadge said as she pointed up to reveal shrapnel from Breaker falling to the surface of the planet.
“Point taken.” Semajj said as he struggled to his feet and, with the rest of the group, started to run for cover.

“So,” Bay asked Jayme. “did you find anything out about your target?”
“No, but.” Jayme started.
“No is not an answer, we need more information on Denkouiki.” Foxx shouted as she pushed off of her leaning position against a wall.
“We have some.” Jace said as he and Jade walked into the room.
“What took so long?” Jayme teased.
“Getting real information.” Jade said.
Jayme looked at the floor.
“While we were following Kimimaro we found out they were planning on resurrecting the rest of the sound five.” Jace started.
“Also, Mijikai has joined Tekigou, Rei and Masurao to start an army of undead.”
“Tekigou, Rei and Masurao, they are from Konoha-Gakure the Tsugotsu clan no?” Jayme asked.
“Yeah, why?” Jade asked.
“When in Kiri-Gakure I went on a mission with the younger sibling of that clan, Kaji.”
“Not important, Jace keep going.” Foxx said.
“Right,” Jace started again. “once Denkouiki resurrects Kidomaru, Tayuya, Ukon, Sakon and Jirobo, he might join Tekigou which would be troublesome.”
“Then there is the problem with Kumori, she’s becoming harder to control.” Jayme said.
“We should tell the Kage’s, Bay you come with me, Jayme go to Kiri-Gakure and report to the Mizukage, Jace and Jade report to the Hokage.” Foxx said.
“Right.” The group said as the split up to go report the grim news.

“Cortana this is Echo 735 we took a hit from a piece of shrapnel we are going to make an emergency landing I suggest you rendezvous there.” The pilot of the Pelican drop ship reported over the MJORLIN speakers.
“Affirmative Echo 735 we are on our way.” Cortana replied.
“Alright give me a place to be.” Chief said as a red NAV mark appeared on his motion tracker.

“I’ll be fine,” I said as I turned my arm to water and the bullet fell out. “This I can use to track him.” I said as I entered Ihari stage one increasing all scenes and Taijutsu.
“Good let’s go.” Ace said as we started to run towards the door that said Docking Bay 05 Exit.
“Wait, I bet these can get us there.” Kumo said as he climbed into a machine with four giant tires and pushed a button.
There was a loud roar that echoed through the halls of the metal giant.
Kumo stepped on a foot shaped pedal and the machine leapt to life then slowed to a halt a few feet from where it was. Shiro got in the chair next to Kumo, Searyb, Ace and I stepped off to the side careful not to get hit by the four tired beast.
Kumo moved a stick on his side, stepped on the pedal again and the machine went backwards turned forward and straightened out.
“We could use a lot less energy if we use these.” Kumo said.
“Good I’m riding alone.” Searyb said.
I looked around the room, there were at least twenty machines intact and even more with minimal damage. I hopped into the driver seat and Ace climbed in next to me.
The three Warthog LRV’s roared to life as I followed Kumo and Searyb out of the ship.

Semajj, Sadge Sabaku and Kaji sat motionless as The Master Chief ran past their hiding place.
“What was that?” Sabaku whispered.
“It must’ve come from the meteor.” Kaji said.
“Shut up!” Sadge ordered. “Listen.”
“What is that?” Semajj asked.
“I’m not sure but look that’s what making it!” Sabaku said as three giant machines roared toward the rock formation under which were Sadge, Semajj, Sabaku and Kaji.
“Hey, that’s Kumo!” Semajj shouted as the first vehicle got closer.
Sabaku jumped out in front of the oncoming machine.

“Ah! Person!” Shiro yelled as Sabaku jumped in front of the Warthogs.
Kumo slammed on the breaks as did Searyb and I.
“What the hell?” I shouted.
“Yo!” Sabaku said as he looked over the Warthog I was driving. “What is this?”
“Don’t know, says it’s a Warthog LRV, I’m guessing the armored guy uses these to get around, hop in.” I replied.
Sabaku jumped in the back and took position at the LAAG Machine Gun mounted at the back of the ‘hog.
Semajj sat next to Searyb and Sadge got in the back, and Kaji boarded Kumo’s LAAG.
“Let’s move!” Sadge shouted.
As Searyb’s LRV pulled ahead of mine I yelled over the roar of the engine to Ace: “Ever since Sadge got that promotion, and out ranked us all she’s been acting a lot different.”
“Yeah,” Ace replied. “You don’t know her as I do though.”
I laughed, then hit the pedal sending it to the floor of the Warthog, sending us lurching forward to catch up with the others.

“This is a problem,” Haku said as Jayme explained the situation to him. “Does Gaara or Naruto know about this?” he asked.
“They should know soon.” Jayme replied.
“Alright, I want you to go find Samemaru and Sadge, they are in the mountains bring them here.” Haku said.
“Yes sir.” Jayme said as she bowed, turned and walked out of the room.

Furblogs came from every direction, Murlocks flooded the water, Arrows rained from above.
“We need to pull out!” Rikka shouted as her fellow hunters tried to hold off the evil forces.
“No we can take them!” the commanding officer shouted.
‘A boat, we can make it there in time.’ Rikka thought as she looked over her shoulder and saw a ship pull into the bay.
The town of Auberdine was under attack, the forces of the scourge were too strong, and only a small group was left to defend the town.
“Back onto the pier!” Rikka shouted as she laid a Frost trap in front of her.
Most of the soldiers listened to the second in command hunter and backed away from the danger long enough for the trap to set off and the enemies slowed as they sank into the snow.
She laid a few more traps and ordered everyone to get on the boat docked in the bay.
“Keep firing!” She ordered as they boarded the ship.
Then a crude spear made from a tree branch and a jagged rock flew through the air and struck Rikka in the chest.
The Murlock who threw it laughed as Rikka fell over board and plummeted into the sea leaving a trail of blood as she sank to the bottom of the ocean.
No one knew who killed the Murlock, due to the fact that every soldier on the ship fired at once and obliterated the little amphibious creature.

“There he is!” Kumo shouted as he slowed to a halt and hopped out of the LRV followed by Shiro and Kaji.
I jumped out of the vehicle as soon as it slowed down and ran up behind the Spartan.

“Chief, incoming!” Cortana shouted as a cluster of red dots appeared on the MJORLIN’s motion detector.
The Chief turned around just in time to block an attack from the same kid who he’s shot earlier.

I span got into my Tai-Jutsu stance and lunged forward again this time kicking the Assault Rifle out of his hands and snatching it out of the air.
“Stop!” I shouted as I threw the weapon to the ground.

“His speed is incredible.” Cortana said in amazement.
The Chief turned on the Exterior Speakers of the MJORLIN armor.
“What do you want?” he asked.
“I want to know what this is!” I shouted as I pointed at the MA5B Assault Rifle. “and that and, and you!”
The Chief tilted his head and responded. “This is a gun, you know used in war, to kill people, that is a UNSC Battle Cruiser,” he said pointing at the Redeemer. “And I am Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan 117, who are you?”
“I.. I am Samemaru Inuzuka, FUKA from Kiri-Gakure, are you an alien?” I replied.

“I hate work.” Haku said as he walked along the beach. “What the hell?”

The Mizukage’s assistant was doing paper work when a crystal ice mirror appeared in front of her Haku stepped out carrying a young Night Elf Girl bleeding badly.
He looked up and said: “We need med. specialists now!”

The Chief was just about to answer my question when Jayme ran up and said the Mizukage needed us.
“I need to rendezvous with Echo 735, come with me and we’ll go to the Mizukage.”
“Right, let’s move.” Sadge said.

“Chief, glad to see you here.” One of the Marines shouted as he plucked one of his fellow leather necks out of the wreckage.
“We need to pack up and move ASAP.” The chief said.
“Right.” The pilot of the Pelican said.
She walked up to me saluted and said: “Eagle Eye, they call me, I’m the pilot of this beauty.” She pointed back at the burning metal and laughed.

15 UNSC Hell Jumpers, two Technicians, a Spartan, and a Pilot were all that came to Kiri-Gakure with us.
When we got to the Mizukage’s tower Haku was sitting at his desk as normal but what set the room in a weird position was the Night Elf sitting in the corner with only a bandage over her chest fitted under a giant shirt not to mess up the stitches.
We reported what had happened and Haku was about to give us a mission when one of the Hell Jumpers shouted “Chief, look Covenant battle cruisers!”
“This is bad.” Cortana said over the external speakers.
“Lord Mizukage, with all due respect I think we need a different mission.” The Chief said.
“Agreed.” Haku replied.

Part Thirteen, Safety Found; Danger Looms!

[Samemaru resumes narrating in this chapter]

Sabaku, Jayme, Searyb and I were swept off the cliff by the force of the wave.
I heard Ace shout; “No!” but Sadge held him back.

“Searyb grab Sabaku, Jayme give me some shuriken!” I shouted as the water pushed us farther down into the seemingly endless abyss.
“Right,” Searyb said as he grabbed the mini gourd shaped back-pack Sabaku wore around his shoulder. “now what?” he asked.
Jayme threw me the shuriken.
“Now, everyone grab onto me!” I shouted as I tied rope through the shuriken and threw them into the cliff in front of us.
The first clip the rope was tied to broke under the weight of the four of us bouncing to a stop, but luckily the back-up clip held.
I then used Rock Launch to dig a hole in the side of the mountain where we climbed to safety.

“Is everyone alright?” Searyb asked as we all made it into the newly formed cave.
“Yeah, I’m fine just really low….. on chakra.” I responded, out of breath.
“You think everyone else is going to be ok?” Jayme asked as she sat down leaning against the wall.
“Well, I think Sabaku could use some rest, so could you.” Searyb said as he checked Sabaku’s vital signs, and heart rate.
“I couldn’t agree more.” I said as I took my jacket off, rung it out and folded it up like a pillow to lie on.
“I’m fine, so I’ll stand guard.” Jayme said
“Alright, I’ll switch with you when you get tired.” Searyb said.
Jayme started to say something after that but I couldn’t keep my eyes open and fell asleep.

“We have to find them!” Ace shouted.
“There are much larger problems to deal with right now.” Haku said as he flipped through his third stack of papers since Ace had entered his chambers.
“You don’t understand.” Ace said as he collapsed to his knees.
“Lord Mizukage, permission to enter.” Sadge asked as she knocked on the door.
“Enter.” He replied.
“I just got back from Konoha-Gakure, and the Hokage ordered Ace and I along with Kaji, Ichigo, Kokoro, Sora, and Mitsukai to go on a mission under Kiba and Kankuro to search for the four missing nin.” Sadge said putting a file on Haku’s desk.
“Fine leave, but hurry back the missions are piling up and you’re not going to meet your quota.” Haku said as he put the file on the stack of papers on his desk.
“Thank you Lord Mizukage.” Sadge said as she bowed and drug Ace from the room.

“Alright we are going to spread out and check the ravine, Ace and Sadge you come with me,” Kiba said. “Sora, and Mitsukai will go with Kankuro and Kaji’s team will be team three.”
“Let’s hit the dirt!” Kankuro said as he tightened his shoulder strap on his puppets.
“Right let’s go!” Kaji said as he put the flame in his hand out.

“Samemaru, wake up!” Jayme said as I felt a nudge at my shoulder.
I opened my eyes, my vision blurred then adjusted to the light.
“Wah. Huh?” I groaned as I sat up and felt a sharp pain in my side.
“We’ve been spotted my enemy shinobi we have to get out of here.” Searyb said as he stood at the mouth of the cave with Sabaku slumped over his back.
“R…right.” I said as I attempted to stand up, I was rewarded with a snapping sound and a face full of dirt. “God damn it!” I shouted as I sat up to see my ankle dislocated.
Searyb set Sabaku down, took out a kunai broke off the tip and put I against my ankle.
“What are you doing?” I asked, as pain shot through my body.
“This way,” Searyb said as he bandaged the kunai to my leg. “Your leg will keep relatively straight and heal quicker.”
‘Man,’ I thought to myself. ‘This guy really knows what he’s doing.’
“We need to leave now!” Jayme said as she pulled her head back into the cave.
“They’re right below us.” She said. “And we’re not in any shape to be fighting.”
“Right, I can lead them away for a while but then we’re on our own.” Searyb said.
“Ok,” Jayme said. “Do it.”
“Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” Searyb shouted as four clones of him appeared from thin air.
“Transform!” the clones shouted as each one of them changed to look like one of us.
“Go!” Searyb shouted as the clones jumped down towards the enemy.
“Samemaru, we need a way out, do you think you can make a tunnel to the top of the mountain?”
“I might be able to,” I said as I attempted to stand up once more, this time I was rewarded with a pain in my foot, but I was standing.
“Rock Launch!” I shouted as the back of the cave exploded and sunlight shone through a hole in the mountain.
“Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” Searyb shouted, making two more clones one to carry me and one to carry Sabaku.

There was a loud thump in the mountains above as Kiba, Ace and Sadge trekked through the valley.
“What was that?” Sadge asked.
“I don’t know but that’s where Kankuro is!” Kiba shouted as he ran in the direction of the explosion.

“Kankuro!” Kiba shouted as they arrived on the scene of a bloody battle.
“Up here!” Kankuro shouted as he waved to the three shinobi from the mouth of a cave in the side of the mountain.
“What are you doing up there?” Sadge asked.
“This was made in the last five days, meaning Samemaru could have been here. Those ninja were fight four of our ninja when we got here but they were just clones.” Sora replied.

After my foot felt better I walked on my own. After about two hours of walking Jayme collapsed.
“We…. Have to rest.” Searyb said breathlessly.
“Agreed.” I said.
“It doesn’t look too safe here though.” Jayme said as she looked over a boulder to see a blood filled battle field.
“Ah, scorch marks, Kaji must have been here.” I said as I looked at the ground near a few dead sound ninja.
“Yeah, but they had to fall back.” Douji said as he walked out of the shadows of the mountain. “But it looks like you’re not in good shape to be running away.”
“Jayme get these two out of here I’ll take care of this guy.” Searyb said as he stood up and looked into Douji’s eyes.
“Right.” Jayme said, feeling the tension between the two ninja.
I got up and helped Jayme carry Sabaku away from the battle.

“Ace, Sadge, Kiba.” Kaji shouted as he ran up to us followed by his group.
“We were attacked by Hajin and Hade but we made it out in time.” Ichigo said.
“That’s not good.” Ace said. “I’ll scout the area to see if I can find Samemaru before they do.” He then disappeared.
“Spiraling Vine!” Sadge shouted as giant vines burst from under her boosting her high into the air. Kiba and Akamaru ran up the vine after her.

“Alright hiretsukan, let’s go!” Searyb shouted as he ran towards Douji.
Then giant waves of water came from behind Searyb.
“What the hell?” Searyb shouted as the first wave washed over him, but he dodged the second one.
“Sorry, was I too early?” Shuuha said as she came out from her hiding place.
‘Damn, two of them this could get ugly.’ Searyb thought as he stood up.

“Jayme, can you carry him by yourself?” I asked as we turned the corner.
“Yeah, you go back and help Searyb.” She said.
“Alright, I’m off then.”

‘If Douji was there Hade, Hajin and Shuuha should be nearby.’ I thought to myself.
‘Yo, Samemaru!’ Sarudai shouted in my head. ‘You can always use that move I taught you.’
‘You said only to use it when completely necessary.’ I replied.
‘I lied to you so you wouldn’t become too attached to that move and forget me.’
‘You live in my head it’s nearly impossible for me to forget you.’ I replied.
‘Right,’ he said. ‘oh incoming!’ he said casually.
“Shit!” I yelled as I was hit in the chest with a sound wave from Hade’s guitar.
I heard a scream from behind me and looked back to see Hajin falling from a cliff.
“What the hell?” I heard Hade say.
Then there was a thud as Hajin hit the ground.
“Hey, Samemaru how’s it goin’?” Semajj asked as he floated down from the cliff followed by Seiyuuki and Sheena.
By that time Hajin was back on her feet.
“Sheena and I will take care of things here.” Seiyuuki said as Sheena stepped forward and took out a deck of cards.
“Right,” I said. “Semajj follow me we have to help Searyb. “this way.”
“Hold on.” He said as he grabbed my sleeve.
“What?” I asked as Semajj took out a Kunai.
“This will only take a moment.” He said as he held the kunai above his head and swung down.

“Kamite!” Searyb shouted as his hand glowed yellow gold and he hit Douji in the chest.
There was a gust of wind and Shuuha flew backwards.
“What the hell?” Searyb said as he rubbed his numb hand.
“I heard you were going to be on my cousins FUKA team, just checking in to see how things are.” Semajj said as he forced some rocks in Douji’s direction with a massive gust of wind.
“Ah, glad to see some allies I was getting worried that I was in serious danger.”
“No problem.” Cloud said as he and Sheena walked up from behind Semajj.
There was a distant screaming, Searyb turned around.
“That was Samemaru.” He shouted as he raced through the piles of rocks placed in the canyon.

Denkouiki laughed as the image of Semajj morphed into the Wolf demon’s new body.
“You really are stupid aren’t you?” he asked as Sheena turned into Kimimaro and Seiyuuki turned into a sound ninja.
I looked at my arm, it started to vibrate then water started to pour out of my newly inflicted wound.
I smiled.
“No,” I said as I pulled my arm back and it exploded into millions of droplets of water.
“You are!” I shouted as the water returned to my elbow and my arm returned to normal.
“What was that?” Denkouiki asked in surprise.
“Just a move Sarudai taught me.” I replied.
“Impressive.” He said.
“You think? Check this out!” I shouted.
The sound ninja rushed forward.
“Dassui!” I shouted as all the water from the sound ninja shot out of his body and he collapsed into a pile of dust.
“Hessendan!” Kimimaro shouted as ten bones shot from his fingers and flew towards me.
Seven missed but I was hit in the shoulder, leg and chest.
I fell to the ground.
“Damn it.” I cursed under my breath.
“Well that was too easy.” Hade and Hajin said in unison.
My vision blurred but I saw Jayme run out from the corner she was hiding behind.
I tried to stand up but the support on my ankle broke and I came crashing to the ground.
The shadows around Denkouiki, Hajin, Hade and Kimimaro circled around them as Jayme moved her hands in a circular motion.
Then fire burst from the shadows and consumed the four enemy shinobi and I fainted.

‘There!’ Ace thought to himself. ‘I found them’
Searyb ran towards our hiding place followed by Semajj, Seiyuuki, Sheena and Cloud.
“Semajj, wait up!” Ace shouted as he fell from the sky.
Semajj stopped suddenly causing Sheena to suddenly stop as well but Seiyuuki got bumped by Cloud and they all fell like dominoes.
Searyb turned around. “Ace hurry, Samemaru might be in trouble.” He shouted as Ace landed next to him.
“Alright, I’ll go ahead with them.” He said pointing back at Semajj and the others who were scrambling off the ground. “You stay here and rest, you look like you need rest. Sadge will be here soon and take a look at you hand.” Ace said pointing to Searyb’s bloody hand.
“Right.” Searyb said as he sat on a rock and watched the ninja run off.
“So they left you alone?” Douji asked as he stood behind Searyb. “Rock Smash!” he shouted as two boulders on either side of Searyb rose form the ground and smashed together.

“The smoke from the flare is coming from over this way.” Sadge said as she led the seven ninja towards the signal left by Ace.

By the time Ace and Semajj got to our hiding place Denkouiki and Kimimaro were running away carrying Hajin and Hade.
“What happened?” Ace asked Jayme who was half awake leaning against the mountain.
“I… I don’t know.” She replied.
“We’ll wait for Sadge and the others then we’ll head back to the village.” Ace said.
“Oh no!” Sadge shouted as she saw Searyb on the floor a few feet away from Douji and Shuuha who were also incapacitated.
Then there was a big flash of light and Douji and Shuuha disappeared.
“What was that?” Kaji asked.
“Most likely Denkouiki.” Kankuro said.
Kiba carried Searyb and they meet up with us and made our way back to the village.

Part Twelve, Lost Friends; A New Hope is Found!

[Ace is the narrator for this chapter]

Many occasions Sabaku has used Anti Various to save him and his teammates but this time Anti Various has materialized and is now on the loose causing terror throughout the world....

(April 13)
"Run!" a man shouted as Samemaru, Sadge and I ran towards the Village hidden in flames.
"What happened?" Samemaru asked one of the leading ninja battling the huge fox.
"This thing started attacking the village, follow me.” the young shinobi said.
"This is Kumo, he is our top Jounin and leader of this squad." the young ninja said as he lead us to a Jounin, then joined the battle once again.
"What's the situation?" Samemaru asked.
"We have 27 ninja already KIA and 54 MIA." Kumo said as another ninja ran up to us.
"Sir, squads six through eleven have just been caught in a rock slide, what are your orders?"
"Have Shiro's squad dig 'em out and have them report back to me." Kumo replied.
"Yes sir." the chunin said as she ran off.
Kumo turned back to us.
"We are running out of options."
"Don't worry," I said. "I'll go get troops from Konoha and Suna gakures." then I disappeared in a flash.
"Do you two think you can help hold it off for a while?" Kumo asked.
"Yeah." Samemaru answered as Sadge started to walk towards the battle.

"Yo, Naruto.... I mean honorable Hokage-Sama, Hisake Gakure is under attack and requests help, so do you think you can send a few squads over?"
"I can send one." he said thoughtfully.
"Just one?....I... I mean thank you lord Hokage."

" Kazekage-Sama, Hisake Gakure is under attack and requests help, so do you think you can send a few squads over?"
"Yeah." Gaara replied.
"O... ok thank you Kazekage-Sama."

"Rose Whip!" Sadge shouted as she clapped and turned a near-by bush into a deadly weapon.
"Earthquake!" Samemaru shouted, then the ground started to shake and the giant fox walked towards them.
"Summon Shikigami; Earth, Lightning; Lava Flow!" the fox shouted.
"Move!" Samemaru yelled as the lava raced towards them.
"Leaf Vine!" Sadge shouted as giant vines sprouted from the ground and leaves grew from the sides and stopped the lava.
"Wow." Samemaru said.
"That's not all, Vine Binding!" Sadge shouted as roots shot from the ground and grabbed hold of the fox.
"Hey!" I shouted as I appeared out of the sky. "Help is on the way!"
"You will die before it gets here!" Denkouiki shouted as he and Kimimaro raced from behind Anti-Various.
"So," Samemaru said. "this is your next victim Denkouiki?"
"Yes, this body will listen to my every command, and doesn't have an old monkey to slow me down!"
"Summon Shikigami; Fire!" Anti-Various yelled as flames rained down from the sky.
"Mud Bubble!" Samemaru shouted as mud from the ground covered us.
"Back up will be here soon, we just need to hold them off 'till then." I said.
"Right," Samemaru said as he clapped, then started a chain of hand signs. "Tidal Wave!" he shouted as the bubble disappeared and a giant wave washed over the Fox and the two enemy shinobi.
"Dance of the Larch!" Kimimaro shouted as he jumped out of the wave.
"Ace, go!" Samemaru shouted.
"Right." I answered then teleported behind Kimimaro.
"You’re fast!" he shouted. "Hessendan!"
"Finger Bullets?" I thought as I dodged them with time to spare.
"Alright here it goes." I said as I pulled out one of the special kunai used by Yondamie.
"What's he planning on now?" Kimimaro said.
I threw the kunai he blocked it but I teleported to him, pulled the kunai out of his arm and punched him in the face. He then flew back and regained balance.
"Lightning strike!" Denkouiki shouted.
"Lightning Shikigami!" Sabaku shouted as two lightning bolts collided in front of me.
"Holy nuts!" I said as I backed up.
Then Kumo and Shiro ran over.
"I never thought when we called for backup they'd send in FUKA." Kumo said.
"Hey Sabaku, you know this guy?" Samemaru said as he pointed at the Fox.
"Sadly enough, yeah." Sabaku replied.
"So Sabaku, you've come to cage me up have you?" Anti-Various said.
"Desert Coffin!" Sabaku shouted as sand surrounded Kimimaro and Denkouiki.
"Fire Shikigami!" A.V. shouted as fire spouted up and turned the sand coffins to glass.
"Glass Shuriken!" Samemaru shouted as Denkouiki and Kimimaro broke the glass cages.
"Dance of Pines!" Kimimaro said as bones grew from his arms and broke the glass shuriken.
"Fox, it would be wise to leave while we are still safe." Denkouiki shouted.
"Right." A.V. said as he jumped in to the air followed by Denkouiki and Kimimaro.
"Damn I'm too late huh?" Kaji asked out of breath as he ran to the battle field.
"Thank you." Kumo said.
"Yeah, no problem." Sadge said as she walked over to us.
"Hey, Sabaku where is Mitsukai?" Samemaru asked.
"She went back to Tenchi-Gakure to welcome her best friend's brother back from an S-Rank Mission." Sora said.
"Yup." Sabaku added.

(April 15)
Name: Searyb Enkou
Rank: FUKA
: Tenchi-Gakure
Request: Team Transfer.
"It seems as if you are in need of a good partner." Haku said as he looked over the sheet of paper.
"Yes sir lord Mizukage." Searyb said as he stood attention in front of the Mizukage.
"Well, you'd have to move to Kiri-Gakure, although you can still wear your Tenchi-Gakure head band."
"Yes sir."
"Right now we have one FUKA member without a team." Haku said. "Wait until April 19, and we are going to have another FUKA from our village..... here go find him, give him this."
Searyb reached out and grabbed the note.
"Yes sir." Searyb said as he disappeared.
"Next!" Haku shouted as the door opened.

"Samemaru Inuzuka?" Searyb said as I passed him on the street.
"Did you say Samemaru?" I asked.
"Yes, you know him?" He asked.
"He's on my team, why?"
"The Mizukage sent me to give this to him." Searyb said holding out the letter.
"Hmm, follow me he should be at my house." I said as I led the stranger down the street.
"By the way, I'm Searyb from Tenchi-Gakure." He said holding out his hand.
"I'm Ace of, Kiri-Gakure nice to meet you." I said as I turned around and kept walking.
The rest of the walk to my house was relatively quiet. When we got there Samemaru was sleeping on the couch where he was when I left.

"Yo, Samemaru wake up!" I said as I tapped on his shoulder.
"W..what?" he asked in a sleepy voice.
"This guy from Tenchi-Gakure is here to see you, he says he has a letter from the Mizukage.
"Ok what?"
"I have come to Kiri-Gakure to request new partners for my FUKA team. I was told that there was one member ready, and that you will be ready in a few days."
"W... what? Me FUKA? No no no no, you must have me mistaken for someone else." Samemaru said.
"But here on this list the ancients said you'd be ready for FUKA by the age of Fifteen, you are four days from being that age aren't you?" Searyb asked.
Samemaru slumped his shoulders. "Yes, but why me?" Samemaru asked.
"Well, cuz you have an abnormal chakra level." Searyb said.
"Fine, is there anything I have to have accomplished?" Samemaru asked.
"Uhh, do you have an instant kill move?" Searyb asked.
Samemaru looked up.
"No, how do I get one?" he asked.
"Umm you make one, but any instant kill move takes a massive amount of chakra."
"I got it!" Samemaru shouted as he stood up. "I can extract all the water out of the bad guy and then they'll just die!"
"Uhh, ok." Searyb said. "Oh, here." Searyb said as he handed Samemaru the note.
"What's this?" Samemaru asked.
"I dunno, Lord Mizukage told me to deliver it to you."
"Uhh, ok, I think I'm gonna go back to sleep now." Samemaru said scratching his head looking over the envelope.
"Ok, well sorry to disturb you Samemaru." Searyb said as he turned to face the door.
"No problem, see you around." Samemaru said as he fluffed his pillow and laid back down.

"Yeah, Samemaru doesn't make friends that easily." I said as Sadge took a sip of her coffee.
"and did you hear about him going to be FUKA?" she asked.
"Yeah, what about us? It was hard enough to become Jounin, and even harder to become ANBU like everyone else." I replied.
"Everyone else?" Sadge asked.
"Yeah, Kiba, Shino, and Kankuro you know."
"Oh," she said. "well maybe we'll be partnered up with someone we know." Sadge said hopefully.
"Yeah." I said as I looked into my cup and stared into the reflection.

"Alright Samemaru, you’re going to become FUKA huh?" Sadge asked as she did a set of hand signs.
"Yeah, I guess." Samemaru shrugged.
"Well then let's see your instant kill technique." she said, then she pulled out a blood stone.
"Summon Tree Guardian!"
"nuts!" I heard Samemaru shout as the giant tree creature rose from the ground and smashed where he had been standing moments before.
"Dassui!" Samemaru shouted as a minimal amount of water came out of the tree.
"You'll have to do better than that!" Shouted Sadge as the tree went in for another attack.

(April 18)
"Lord Mizukage!" Kumo said as he entered the room.
"Kumo, Shiro." Haku said as he waved the two fire shinobi to sit in front of him.
"We have been tracking the one called Anti- Various, we suggest you put together a team to take him out, we lost track of him by the Genma Bridge." Kumo reported.
"Alright, go find these people for the search and destroy team tell them to meet here tomorrow first thing in the morning.
"Yes sir, Lord Mizukage." Shiro said as he took the list.
"I need these people here as soon as possible."
"Sure thing." Kumo said as he turned towards and left followed by Shiro.

(April 19)
I looked around the room and saw Samemaru curled up in a ball sleeping in a chair, Sadge tying her shoe, Sabaku and Sora talking while Mitsukai was playing with her headband.
Kaji was talking with Ichigo and Kokoro. Searyb and Semajj were talking with some girl I haven't met before, then Haku entered the room.
"Well well well." He said as he tipped over Samemaru's chair. "I see we all made it here on time, sleeping or not."
Samemaru sat up and scratched the back of his head.
"Ok," Kumo said as he entered the room. "we last saw Anti-Various by the Genma bridge in the mountains east of here."
"We figure he stayed there since there was no recorded movement since then." Shiro added.
"I'm going to send you in groups of four to scout the mountain." Haku said. "On the north side of the mountain will be Samemaru's group and Searyb, on the bridge will be Kaji's team and Semajj, and on the South side of the mountain will be Semajj and Sabaku's group, now go!"
"Right." I heard Searyb say as he went over to Samemaru and helped him up.

"We've been here for hours and no sign of that fox yet." Samemaru said.
"Enemy contact!" Semajj shouted over the COM link.
"Let's move!" Searyb said as he grabbed his bag and jumped into a nearby cave dug by Samemaru for quick rendezvous.
"Uhh." Samemaru said as he stood up and walked towards the cave followed by Sadge and finally me.

We got there and Sabaku was already battling the giant fox and the six shinobi.
"Rasengan!" Kaji said as he ran towards Douji.
"That's not going to work!" Douji shouted as he blocked the attack and punched Kaji in the stomach.
"Alright, you die now!" Sabaku shouted as sand spiraled around Anti-Various.
"Samemaru look out!" Searyb shouted as a couple dozen sound village ninja came into the canyon.
"Dassui" Samemaru shouted, then one of the sound shinobi fell to the floor crippled.
I then teleported behind some of them and stuck a few exploding notes to them.
"There's too many of them!" Ichigo shouted as we started to fall back onto the bridge.
"Sabaku!" Samemaru shouted as the sound shinobi surrounded him.
"We have to get out of here!" Sadge yelled.
"I'll be back!" Samemaru shouted as he jumped over the advancing shinobi followed by Jayme and Searyb.
They surrounded Sabaku and held off the shinobi as long as they could.
"Sabaku we need to leave!" Searyb shouted.
"Almost done!" Sabaku shouted.
"You will die fool!" Denkouiki shouted as he and Kimimaro jumped towards us.
"Summon Shikigami Water; Tidal Wave!" Anti-Various shouted.
The wave came too fast, I couldn't save them, the wave crashed into Sabaku just as Various' soul left his body and destroyed Anti-Various along with himself. Sabaku, Samemaru, Jayme and Searyb where swept off the cliff by the force of the wave.
"No!" I shouted as I went to jump after them, but Sadge grabbed my arm and shook her head.
The sound shinobi disappeared, we searched the bottom the ravine for our friends but we couldn't find them.